This past Easter, which promised to be another yawn of a holiday, was enlivened when Belgareth and Dementia took it upon themselves to transform everyone in sight into cute and adorable Easter animals, plants and foodstuffs (???)

We included a Spice bunny, a cute and fuzzy chickie (yes, that really is Dem as a cute and fuzzy chickie), an easter-colored egg, a gosling, a swan, a lamb, a daffodil, and a Jewish Easter bumble-bee, among other things.  There was also the Anti-Bunny, but he morphed into an emu as just couldn't get satisfied with his outfit.  =P    Even Ju finally consented to be jelly beans after much bah-humbugging.

I guess ya had to be there, but it really it really was fun.  The above pic is Bel's rendition - so here's to you, Bel and Dem, for making us all a very memorable day!  (doza gets rah-rah?  ack)