1)     The Seppou are God.  Worship them.

2)     Ju is da sticker kveen.

3)     Cute, naked men may parade about at any hour of the day.

4)     Dementia is High Queen of the Universe.  All bow before her.

10)    doza is always right.

20)    Dementia is Truth.

5)     Owsla Ou'Intoku are NOT entitled to any special treatment, outside of bribes.

11)    When doza isn't right, Trek is.

12)    Kata is a dork.

23)    On Ju's B'day, everyone must dress in pink duck suits and howl like hyenas.

13)    Dementia is immortal.

73)    All rule numbers must be listed out of order.

14)    Trek and Hummy may not kill Dementia.

15)    Dementia's webbed feets are only for special occasions.

75)    No whiners allowed.

3.5)   Trek is Trek

3.75)  Unless he is Hummy.